The College delivers parenting support through evenings each term for all parents in the school, through seminars such as the First Steps Course (a case study based parenting education program for parents of younger students) or with guest experts. In addition all parents have the advantage of individualised feedback and suggestions through the interview each term with the tutor of their son.

Orientation and Induction Programs for Parents New to Wollemi or the Pared Schools

A day orientation program is scheduled early in the first term of a family’s involvement in the College. The program includes information about the history, ethos and features of the College as well as a review of practical parenting approaches. The school requires both parents to attend. On site child-minding arrangements assist parents.


Key Parent Functions

In Terms I, II and III the school hosts two parent functions, one for primary and the other for secondary parents. These are known as Key Parent Functions. The functions are normally held on a Friday night and run from 7.30pm to 9.30pm, concluding with supper. The evenings feature educational material intended to enhance family life and news and information sessions on policies and happenings at the College. Parent evenings contain information on academics as well. At these Key Parent Functions primary class teachers are expected to give an update of what is happening in their classrooms during the term.

Staff members are required to attend one of the two sessions each term. These Key Parent Functions are an excellent opportunity to meet parents informally over supper.


Class Parents

Class parents promote the family spirit of the college by fostering amongst all of the families with boys in their own son's class a truly extended family. They will support the efforts of their fellow parents in the education of their children by fostering unity and communication between parents, and between parents and college, and by coordinating support to foster the establishment of deep personal friendships between the parents of the various families in the class, seeing true friendships as the most effective means to forge this unity and offer this support. At the end of each year couples from each class group are appointed to act as class parents for the following year. Appointment is for one year, and on mutual agreement may be renewed.

The Parent-Tutor Meeting

The regular meetings between parents and their son's tutor are a valuable assistance to parents in the exercise of their privilege and duty as "first educators". The parents receive the tutor's full support through...

  • his objective observations and advice
  • his coordination of the professional services of the College
  • his service of personal example, guidance and friendship towards their son.


The greater the cooperation, confidence, and ultimately friendship, which exists between the parents and their son's tutor, the more effectively the parents will be able to carry out their own responsibility of directing the integral, whole-person, development of their son.
The success of the Tutorial System rests on this parent-tutor trust and on the regularity of the meetings with the tutor.

Collective wisdom

Wollemi strives to keep in circulation the best collective wisdom and to create a genuine support network for parents. Schools have a line into hundreds of homes and are ideally situated to reach families. Every family has strengths and areas in which it needs to grow. There is practically no parent that does not wish to be the best father or mother he or she can be, but many lack the experience, the know-how and the skills. The interviews with one’s son’s tutor, the Key Parent Functions and the informal social life between families are all pathways for parents to access this collective wisdom.