Wollemi uses the Response to Intervention (RTI) model to identify, intervene and monitor student’s performance in order to improve results. This educational ‘health check’ allows us to identify students who are experiencing difficulties.

The underlying belief incorporated within this model is that all students can succeed. RTI incorporates a 3-tiered model of educational service delivery in which each tier represents increasingly intensive services that are associated with increasing learner needs.  Tier 1 is the core, whole-class instruction; Tier 2 is where small group catch-up skills form the focus of the intervention (often within the class); and Tier 3, where a more intense focus on catch-up skills in a smaller group (or even individually) occurs in a setting outside the classroom.

Central to this approach is the use of extensive research about effective instruction. At each tier, the school uses teaching methods and resources that have been demonstrated to improve learning outcomes- an approach that is in line with the recommendations of the National Inquiry into the Teaching of Literacy (2005).

A system of assessment informs the school where each student lies in relation to expected grade outcomes i.e.

Monthly Morrison McCall benchmark testing;
A weekly writing portfolio;
As well as in-program testing of fluency each 5 days and comprehension each 10 days in Years 3-4, we use DIBELS Next (oral reading fluency and comprehension three times a year for grades 3-6).


In-program testing each 10 days;

Also, we use annual testing using the ACER PatMaths  and PatEnglish diagnostic tools.

With this remedial model, we are better able to adequately assess and monitor each child’s progress and to prevent and/or remediate children who are at-risk of failure.

Parents are notified of the results of this assessment and for at-risk children, a program of intervention will be discussed with the parents and the Primary Director of Studies before any remedial action is begun. The results of this intervention will be available to the parents on an ongoing basis.