Students are involved in a wide variety of community service experiences. Theory about serving others is insufficient; young people need to develop the wherewithal to be persons of action, not nice idealists.

The aim is to build not only nice attitudes, not only conscience, but to provide regular positive experiences of service, so that students learn the happiness of helping others and develop well-seated habits of compassion. Good intentions never put bread on a table. We are told in the Gospels, He went about doing good, and nor may it be coincidence that, even before the birth of Jesus Christ, Cicero observed, Men were brought into existence for the sake of others, that they might do one another good. The proof is always in the doing… whether you are Christian or pre Christian.

Values Education Column. Education Review November 2001

The overall aim of the community service at the school is to develop in the boys a spirit of generosity in thinking about the needs of others. The programs require the boys to give up some of their time to do something for others in the community.

The Programs
Organised under the Leadership Program, all boys are involved in a wide variety of experiences that include:

  • Fundraising
  • Weekly visits to local area nursing homes and Special Needs Schools.

Through the various service activities the school hopes that the boys will learn to develop an awareness of the needs of those around them and of the community, whereby they then feel confident in addressing those needs in later life.

Some community service awards may be given at the Presentation Night in recognition of special initiative, effort or leadership demonstrated by students in carrying out particularly noteworthy tasks.