The Class of 2016 have received some wonderful HSC results. It is terrific to see what constant effort and consistency across subjects can achieve and the boys have notched up a good number of personal bests.

I am delighted with some strong performances in the middle order where boys have compiled good scores at the right moment, and it is noticeable also that the great majority of boys have succeeded in producing a spread of consistent marks.

Congratulations to the following students who received Merit listings:


Michael Gonzaga (5); James Pirotta (2); Blake Weber (1), Jeremiah Dowling (1), Stanley Santiago (1), Jack O’Brien (1)

The members of the Class of 2016, earned 11 listings on the Distinguished Achievers List (Band 6 results) in 8 courses.

Michael Gonzaga topped the class of 2016, with an ATAR of 98.5.

HSC Band 6 Merit Listings 2016
English (Advanced) Michael Gonzaga
Business Studies Michael Gonzaga
English Extension 1 Michael Gonzaga
English Extension 2 Michael Gonzaga
Mathematics Jack O’Brien, Stanley Santiago James Pirotta
Mathematics General Jeremiah Dowling
Mathematics Extension 1          Michael Gonzaga
Visual Arts Blake Weber
Maltese Continuers James Pirotta


Individual Subject Highlights:

  • Music 2, 100% scored Band 5.
  • Business Studies, 60% scored Band 5.
  • English Extension I 100% scored in the top band.
  • English Extension II, 100% scored in the top 2 Bands.
  • Mathematics, 100% scored in the top 3 bands.
  • Mathematics Extension 1, 100% scored in the top band.
  • Mathematics Extension II, 100% scored in band 6.
  • Modern History, 100% scored in the top 3 bands.
  • Music 1,100% in the top 3bands.
  • Music II, 100% scored in the top band.
  • Music Extension, 100% scored in the top band.
  • Physics, 66% scored in the top 2 bands.
  • Visual Arts, 100% scored in the top 3 bands.
  • 23 students sat a total of 121 examinations in 2016
  • Nearly half the class (45%) scored Band 5 and 6 results
  • 11 Band 6s or E4s (90% or above)
  • 43 Band 5s or E3s (80% or above)

Whereas the merit listings and league tables celebrate 90+ scores exclusively, there are a significant number of students who did not reach these heights, but who achieved exceptionally well. They, too, deserve our congratulations. All the boys are to be congratulated. The HSC is a long and grueling race and all finishers are to be thoroughly commended. This reveals, as we already know, that students can thrive at Wollemi.