Australia’s future requires leaders of strong character and skills to successfully guide and direct the nation and its institutions for the good of all Australians. With effective leadership education, our leaders for the future can be nurtured from an early age. The Wollemi Leadership and Community Service Program is setting out to achieve this. We hope that other schools pick up on the integrated and developmental structure of the program, on the insistence on character education, and on the need for ongoing experiences of service, and so that this program can be a beacon for others to follow.

The Program is a continuation and further development of the extant character education program at the school. It has grown from the conviction that the most effective leadership education must incorporate a strong emphasis on character education and on service to others. The program is directed to all the boys at the school and extends to the old boys of the school, being delivered through curriculum, a wide variety of workshops and visiting speakers, external mentored placements in business, politics and industry, and through ongoing experiences for community service.

The Program provides Leadership Education that emphasises character and the specific skills of leadership. We say that true leadership is the product of virtues and specific skills.

It is motivated by a spirit of service and responsibility guided by a strong sense of justice. It involves superior mastery of one’s self (temperance), determination to overcome external difficulties (fortitude) and right judgement (prudence). In other words, there is no genuine leadership without depth of character.

In addition, there are specific acquired skills that contribute to effective leadership: the skills of effective communication, of planning, goal setting, people management, the development of political awareness, etc.