Jul 23Wollemi Athletics carnival was a great day

The Wollemi Athletics carnival was a great day. It was good to see boys participating and the house spirit surrounding the day was fantastic. It looked great seeing so many of the boys in their house shirts contributing to the house spirit. Well done to Mundoora who won the house chant but was not enough to win the trophy. That victory goes to Echuca who were the Athletics house champions for 2018. Well done to all boys who participated throughout the day and to the winning house team.

Jul 23Year 2 went to the Arms of Australia Inn Museum in Emu Plains

On Thursday 14 June, Year 2 went to the Arms of Australia Inn Museum in Emu Plains. They were taught our alphabet in an olden day school and we made butter by churning cream. We also learned how to wash clothes using a washboard and hanging them on a line. We also got to play with olden day toys, such as hula hoops, a tricycle, and ring toss. This was an exciting learning experience. 


Jul 23What a wonderful occasion of piety

What a wonderful occasion of piety, adoration, beaut, and prayerfulness at our recent Eucharistic Procession. Father Inigo Martinez-Echevarria led us around our school as we showed Our Lord the best parts: we showed Him our love in our participation, our prayers and intentions, our flowers, the beautiful altars and our time and preparation.


Aug 24Monthly Parenting minute

This month's parenting minute focuses on the power of quiet example in the home. You can access the link here.
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