Sep 13Six Ways Not to Fight Temptation

From the Article by Fr Clayton Thompson

Six Ways Not to Fight Temptation

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For this, we turn to the advice of the spiritual giant St Francis de Sales in his book Introduction to the Devout Life. Francis is a masterful coach in this regard. However, addressing everything he has to say about temptation would be an epic undertaking, so I’d like to present a few helpful things that he tells us we should not do as we learn to master the mechanics of the moral life.

“Don’t love the temptation. Seems obvious, right? But, let’s face it, even after we’ve made a clean break with certain sins, the temptation to them can still feel pretty good. Even if a guy has gotten rid of a lot of anger and outbursts of rage in his life, allowing himself to dwell on thoughts about how he would tell off those people who have made him mad can give a great sense of victory. Even though another man would never cheat on his wife, tossing around the idea of visiting the girl in the office that always makes eyes at him can feel pretty good: “I’ve still got it,” he tells himself. Being pleased with the temptation is always the first step toward consenting to it.”